• Italian group is opening a chain of sandwich shops in Manhattan and we are looking to hire/sponsor Italian experienced staff

    piade nyc

    madison avenue 50123 - new york - stati uniti

    We are opening the first location in April 2020 and looking to hire immediately in order to prepare your travel to the US in April.
    Our team takes pride in preparing and serving our dishes. They know that in order to do this right, we need a clean and welcoming work area.
    - experience in making sandwiches
    - experience in cutting ham
    - knowledge of food health conditions
    - young, motivated and flexible
    - very social, likes to interact with customers
    - English basics to take an order
    Job missions:
    - take orders
    - manage deliveries
    - prepare food ingredients
    - make sandwiches
    - do the inventory
    Job conditions:
    - 35-40h a week
    - $15/hour to start + tips (extra 15%)
    - 2 weeks of paid vacations
    - possibility to do a 5 years visa renewable
    - possibility to become store manager as we grow

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