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Gourmet sandwich shops in Manhattan are looking to hire/sponsor experienced staff

new york city

Ciata is opening a chain of gourmet sandwich shops in Manhattan and we are looking to hire/sponsor experienced staff. Our mission as founders is to make our New York consumers travel in the streets of Italy, using all their senses, from our design, our staff to the products we offer. We are opening the first location April 1st 2022 and looking to hire immediately to get our talents on board with us by end of March. Our team takes pride in preparing and serving our products. They understand our vision and philosophy and know how to implement it in their daily work. We are firm believers in our vision in bringing the best Italian gourmet sandwiches to New York. We are looking for highly motivated individuals that share the same enthusiasm for the gastronomic scene and are willing to rapidly grow within our company. Profile: - experience in food assembling, sandwich making - knowledge of food health conditions - young, motivated and flexible - very social, likes to interact with customers - Fluent in Italian, english basics to take an order Job missions: - take orders - manage deliveries - prepare food ingredients - make sandwiches - do the inventory Job conditions: - 40hours and $650 per week + tips (usually 10%) - possibility to do a 5 years visa after 3 months of trial period - possibility to become store manager as we grow

new york city 24/02/22

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new york city
pearl street - 10004 united states


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