Massimo Fabrizio

Massimo Fabrizio is the founder and creator of Rysto, a platform aimed at revolutionizing the job market in the catering sector. His career began in the ranks of the restaurant industry, where he gained significant experience working as a waiter to support himself during his studies. This journey allowed him to acquire a deep understanding of the industry, leading him to become the main reference of a well-known restaurant in Rome.

With the creation of Rysto, Massimo aimed to provide an effective solution to the problem of matching job demand and supply in the catering sector, making the recruitment process more efficient and direct. His vision of a more fluid and accessible job market for professionals and companies was the compass that guided the development of the platform, integrating modern technologies to promote innovation and efficiency.

Today, Massimo is daily engaged in improving and expanding Rysto, with the goal of consolidating its role as an indispensable tool for the catering industry. His experience, both in the catering and IT fields, has provided him with a unique perspective that continues to drive the enterprise towards new successes.